Protest The Unconscionable Hike in Petrol and Diesel Prices

THE Narendra Modi Government is cruelly using the pandemic as an opportunity to inflict even more economic hardships on the people who are already suffering from an economic crisis predating the pandemic, as well as the lockdown-induced disaster. The Modi regime has hiked fuel prices to pander to private energy corporates. For 20 consecutive days in the month of June, petrol and diesel prices were hiked continuously. Such a continuous assault of price hike is unprecedented. Ironically, in Delhi, Diesel which used to be much cheaper than petrol because of its importance in usage in agriculture, transport and other sectors which directly affect the common lives, has become costlier than petrol.

The CPIML has demanded:

- Stop the Privatization of Natural and National Resources.
- Withdraw Petrol Diesel Price Hike
- Immediately slash duties on petro products.

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