Punish Perpetrators Of Udaipur Killing, Maintain Peace

The killing of Kanhaiyalal Teli over a social post is a heinous and horrific crime. The perpetrators of this mindless violence have been arrested, and justice must be done. The government of Rajasthan, all political parties, and the civil society...

28 June 2022

Condemn Politically Vindictive Arrests Of Teesta Setalvad, R.B. Shreekumar and Others For Pursuing Justice For Victims of Gujarat 2002 Carnage

The chronology is clear: the arrests of human rights defenders follow language by the Supreme Court of India framing “protagonists of the quest for justice” as conspirators for seeking to hold the Gujarat State machinery accountable for targeted violence.

25 June 2022

On Presidential Poll 2022

The battle lines for the Presidential poll 2022 are now clearly drawn. With the support of its NDA allies, BJP has fielded former BJP Odisha MLA and minister and Jharkhand Governor Draupadi Murmu as the NDA camp's Presidential nominee. Most...

24 June 2022

Release Dr. Ratan Lal Immediately!

The arrest of Dr. Ratan Lal is clearly part of the ongoing campaign run by Delhi Police at the behest of the Home Ministry to harass and victimise democratic voices.

21 May 2022

Sangh Must Not Be Allowed To Repeat Babri Demolition At Gyanvapi

The Sangh brigade is planning a repeat of the Babri Masjid demolition by raking up a dispute over the Gyanvapi mosque. This is a clear violation of the Places of Worship Act, 1991 which guarantees the status of every place...

17 May 2022

May Day 2022: Join Month-Long Campaign Against Bulldozer Raj

Long Live Workers' Unity And Struggle Stop Bulldozing Homes And Livelihood Of The Poor Stop Bulldozing India's Fraternity Stop Bulldozing India's Constitution All over the country, the homes and livelihood of the poor (slums, unauthorised colonies, street-stalls and carts etc)...

30 April 2022

On Using Ram Navami As Pretext For Anti-Muslim Violence

By turning Hindu festivals into platforms for Islamophobic propaganda and violence, the Sangh is seeking to poison the whole of Hindu society.

12 April 2022

CPIML MLAs Marshalled Out of the Bihar Assembly for Speaking Against Rising Crime and Communalism

CPIML MLAs were marshalled out of the Bihar Assembly today was moving an adjournment motion to make time for a debate on the growing criminalisation, corruption, and communalism in Bihar under the Nitish Kumar-led BJP-JDU Government. The motion moved by...

31 March 2022

CPIML Statement on Karnataka HC Hijab Judgment

The CPIML expresses deep concern at today's Karnataka High Court’s judgment regarding the issue of access to educational institutions for hijab-wearing girls and women. The judgment fails to protect the right to education of hijab-wearing girls and women from arbitrary...

15 March 2022

Statement on Assembly Election Results 

Emboldened by the Assembly election results, the Modi regime and the Sangh-BJP brigade are bound to intensify their fascist offensive. The forces of democracy will have to resist it with greater unity and determination.

12 March 2022