Aggressive Fascist Agenda India has witnessed a massive political shift in the last four years with the BJP decisively replacing the Congress as the dominant political representative of the ruling classes. For the first time in India’s parliamentary history, the BJP has not only secured absolute majority on its own at the Centre but it has also emerged as the
The global economic crisis, and the remedies (bail-outs for corporates and austerity measures for the commoners) applied to it by neoliberal regimes, have fostered unemployment, deteriorating and precarious working and living conditions, and ever-sharpening inequality for the past decade. A recent study of global inequality shows that in the US and in India income concentration in the past decade has
Climate change – due to the large-scale emissions of greenhouse gases through burning of fossil fuels – has been an established fact for some decades now. We are currently witnessing patently recognisable signs of climate change in our immediate surroundings. Floods and hurricanes, for instance, have been linked to climate change. Glaciers in the Himalayas are receding, which will directly
Uphold our Kaleidoscopic Socio-cultural Heritage! Forward to People’s Democracy and Socialism! (Declaration Presented at the inaugural session of the 10th Party Congress) From times immemorial, the vast Indian subcontinent has always been a vibrant pluralist society with a magnificent cultural rainbow incessantly being created and recreated by diverse ethnic/regional/linguistic/religious communities. Most notably, it could boast of a vast range of
Preamble The Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) is the highest political organisation of the Indian proletariat fighting for realising its supreme class mission. It comprises the advanced detachments of the people and serves as the core of leadership of the people of India in their quest for liberation from feudal fetters and the plunder and domination of big capital and