Red Salute to Comrade Man Singh Pal

Comrade Man Singh Pal, CPI(ML) Uttarakhand’s state committee member and popular leader of the Bindukhatta movement, passed away on 9 March 2015 in Delhi. Born in 1960, Comrade Man Singh came to Bindukhatta in 1979 and had been actively involved with the land struggles there ever since. Since then, he has been known as one of the leading voices in the people’s movement in Bindukhatta, participating and leading several struggles. He led struggles for ration cards, construction of schools, hospitals and roads, and provision of electricity. In 1985, he was also jailed twice for participating and leading struggles against corruption. In 1988, he was jailed for 33 days for his leading role in the massive movement against the state repression in Mahtosh Modh in Gadarpur block. In 1990, he started a movement for establishing a people’s higher secondary school. He faced a 15-year long trial by the forest department for his role in fighting for land rights for the poor. In 1994, he sat on an indefinite hunger strike against the management of the Century Paper Mill, demanding employment of youth in the area. In 2004, he was involved in the milk movement, and recently was involved in the protests against the rape and murder of an 8-year old girl in Lalkuan and also faced trial for participating and leading protests against pollution in Ghodanala region. Since 2004, he had been involved in struggles related to land and declaration of revenue villages in Bindukhatta.

He assumed various responsibilities both in IPF, and later in the CPI(ML). He had thrice been the area secretary of CPI(ML)’s Bind- ukhatta unit. He had also been a member of the Uttarakhand state leading team before CPI(ML)’s state conference. After the state conference in 2013, he had been a member of the state committee. In 2012, he had also been CPI(ML)’s candidate for the Lalkuan assembly seat. He was known, loved and respected for his generous nature and close connect with people. Despite his own economic difficulties, he often set aside his problems to help others. It was due to is efforts that a branch of the Uttarakhand Gramin Bank was opened on car road. Comrade Man Singh was also the founder of the Main Bazaar on Car Road in Bindukhatta which became possible due to his initiatives for the widening of Car Road. Ignoring his own health concerns he participated in the movement against making Bindukhatta a municipality and stood with the people of Bindukhatta till the end.

Comrade Man Singh was a true revolutionary fighter, and we resolve to take his struggle forward.

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