AIPF Basic Structure and Norms

All India People’s Forum is united platform of democratic organizations and individuals committed to the fullest realization of democratic rights, wellbeing and dignified and harmonious coexistence of the Indian people cutting across sectarian divides.

The AIPF is guided by its basic objectives as enunciated in its foundation statement and action charter as adopted and updated periodically in the light of the developing situation.

The AIPF will have a broad-based national council which will meet annually and convene biennial conferences and periodic consultations/workshops to adopt policies and discuss and develop appropriate courses of action. The implementation of the Forum’s plans and response of the Forum to various issues will be guided by an all India Campaign Committee.

The Campaign Committee will be assisted on a regular basis by a compact Secretarial Team which will also be responsible for propagating and publicizing the Forum’s activities, positions and relevant information by various means.

There will also be an advisory panel to guide and advise the Forum on various subjects. The Forum will also have dedicated cells to deal with specific issues and subjects. Similar structures will also be developed in various states, UTs and autonomous regions.

The decisions of the Forum will be adopted through collective consultations and deliberations and preferably by consensus. If consensus cannot be evolved on any subject, the decision will rest with the All India Campaign Committee.

The expenses of the AIPF will be borne collectively by affiliated organizations and individuals. Every affiliated organization and individual will contribute periodically to the AIPF fund to ensure regular functioning of the forum. The Forum will rely exclusively on the voluntary support and contribution secured from the people and will not take any kind of corporate/government/institutional funding.

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