Obituary : Long Live Comrade Sufiyan's Memory!

Comrade Sufiyan, a prominent workers’ leader and anti-communal activist in Ara, was killed on January 13 by a criminal gang which has received protection and encouragement from the nexus of politicians and administrative machinery. Comrade Sufiyan, who joined the party at a young age in 1983, began his political life as a leading organiser of tailoring workers, and later, as a leader of the organisation of footpath vendors, led many militant struggles. He was a member of the party’s town committee. He was also a member of the district convening committee of the Inquilabi Muslim Conference. On every occasion when communal forces of the Sangh Parivar would try to fan up communal violence in Ara, Comrade Sufiyan would most energetically mobilise people for communal harmony to resist the communal forces. On 19 December 2006 he had organised a cultural programme in memory of Bhagat Singh, Ashfaqulla and Ramprasad Bismil. Comrade Sufiyan was a fearless voice against criminal gangs in the area, and played a leading role in contending with the Naushad gang in Ara; it is members of the same gang who took his life. He is survived by his wife Fehmida Khatun who is a Ward Member from Abarpul ward, as well as his three young daughters and two sons.

The heinous killing of Comrade Sufiyan is a huge blow not just to CPI(ML) but to the entire democratic movement in Ara. The whole of Ara stood by his bereaved family and the party. On January 14, in the funeral procession held for Comrade Sufiyan, around 5000 people from all sections of Ara society and nearby areas gathered to take part in his final journey. Veteran CC member and leader of the party’s Bihar Legislative Group Comrade Ram Naresh Ram, Poliburo member Comrade Amar, senior State Committee members Comrade Manohar, Santosh Sahar, and Sudama Prasad, MLA Arun Singh, AIALA National President and party CCM Comrade Rameshwar Prasad paid their last tributes to Comrade Sufiyan. In spontaneous protest against his killing, Ara town observed a bandh on January 14, and the bandh called by the CPI(ML) on January 15 too was a complete success.

Red Salute to Comrade Sufiyan!

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