Modi: The Greatest National Security Threat

In his Mumbai speech on January 21, Benito NaMo Ghanchi alias Modi posed as a medieval warlord and excoriated the "Delhi Sultanate". The speech is substantively much more than merely a reprobate demagogue's rant. It should send chills down the spine of not just the minorities but also the entire nation. He would drag India back to medieval times while chanting "development, development".

The ominous portent of his megalomania rings more sinister with Hindutva's Adolf AdVani in Delhi raring to become PM and impatient in the interim as a pretend PM. Oddly, he faulted Cong-UPA for the heinous sins of "minority appeasement, vote bank politics, and soft approach on terrorism". Ironically, he is wholly right, but without knowing in the least how or why. Yes, Congress has been persistently and preferentially appeasing not the sizeable national minorities, whether they be Dalits, Christians, Tribals or Muslims, but the loud-mouthed Hindu gangsters and hooligans, i.e., the saffronazis. As to vote bank politics, it is not a Congress specialty. Its initial forays in the field were halting and half-hearted. But the viciously virulent strain of exclusive vote bank politics invented and inducted in the body politic of India, poisoning its arteries, is the distinctive achievement of Hindutva fascism (cunningly called Hindu nationalism in the Indian media, a privilege ceded to no other community).

Soft-pedalling terrorism. This charge is as monumental as it is monstrously mendacious, characteristic of the trained liars constituting the seasoned rank and file of the Sangh Parivar. Really, the Congress-UPA is guilty as charged. But the terrorists whom the Congress has cravenly and treasonably coddled all these years are all the Hindu Taliban, saffron-soiled, who drenched India in blood repeatedly and remained unpunished, enabled thus to continue their crimes with impunity. It was a failure of grievous proportions not just of the Congress but also of the Indian state. India as a nation state proved irresponsible and delinquent, and for all practical purposes, collaborative with the historical enemies of the nation.

What Modi touted as the best development model (out of the four that he dismissed as failures), apparently mandated by 5.5 crore Gujaratis, boils down to one word, genocide - mass murder, mass rape, mass arson, and mass thugee perpetrated on Muslims. Besides "teaching them a lesson", the Butcher of Gujarat had laid out the shape of the would-be Hindu Rashtra, Gujarat being only the prime abattoir.

Recall that he fought the 2002 election in Gujarat against General Pervez Musharraf. There was no meeting where he did not invoke him as his contender. Similarly, he insinuated in his Mumbai speech that money was being paid to "foreigners" (read, Sonia Gandhi). He forgot he had paid a humongous amount to foreigners to do his PR work, an American firm specializing in image make-over, whose clients included Pinochet, Somoza, etc. Modi chose well on whom to shower Indian money, and proved himself a worthy member of his true biradari – the notorious dictators and bloodhounds.

As to his plea that the provenance of arms be investigated, use of government and banking channels by terrorist funds be stopped, use of communal networks for subversive activities be probed – who can disagree. But does he mean where daggers (trishuls) are manufactured, where saffronazi bomb-makers obtain explosive materials to make bombs (and get killed dutifully), who funds them via one of the numerous Hindutva fronts, how foreign and hawala money is helping communal fires rage incessantly across India? No, he preempts this inquiry against the Sangh Parivar by deflecting it towards the victims of Sangh fascism: the minorities, mostly the Muslims and Christians.

Modi must face trial for his innumerable crimes. He is guilty of crimes against humanity and crimes against the nation. The Congress and UPA, though, lack the conviction and commitment required to indict him for his crimes.

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