Campaigning for Change in Jharkhand

The Party launched an 'Oust UPA Govt., Save Jharkhand' campaign on January 16, Comrade Mahendra Singh's martyrdom day, with a massive Sankalp Sabha in Bagodar as well as meetings in other centres of the state. The campaign, involving demonstrations on worker-peasant issues at district HQs on January 25; and organised mobilization of the rank and file down to the village-panchayat level throughout February, will culminate in a March to Ranchi on March 17, when a mammoth rally will be held in the state capital Ranchi. This campaign is aimed at seizing the political initiative from the ruling class parties which are busy looting Jharkhand and giving Jharkhand a leftward political shift of united mass struggles against UPA-NDA.

Greeting the mammoth rally in Bagodar on January 16, the martyrdom day of Comrade Mahendra Singh, Comrade Dipankar Bhattacharya, the Party General Secretary launched the ‘Oust UPA, Save Jharkhand’ campaign. Calling for fresh struggles in the new year, Comrade Dipankar said martyrdom could not silence Mahendra Singh or weaken the revolutionary resolve of CPI(ML). Calling upon for a broad front of workers-peasants-youth and various sections of the society facing devastation, Com. Dipankar said that such a common front - a common course of action - will intensify the battle against the disastrous policies of UPA-NDA and broaden its scope.

The day was observed with meetings attended by thousands in Ramgarh, Garhwa, Palamu, Latehar, Ranchi, Lohardagga, Gumla, Jamshedpur, Chakradharpur, Bokaro, Dhanbad, Devghar, Dumka and elsewhere in the state. The main slogan of the campaign is- ‘Mazdoor Kisano ki hai awaz, dhvast karo yeh loot ka raj.’ The Party has launched this campaign at a time of deepening crisis of the ruling classes in the state. The Koda Government is thoroughly discredited. During the vote on BJP's no-confidence motion in the house, the absence of 3 BJP MLAs despite a whip has only exposed its complicity with this corrupt govt. Accompanied by a horde of corrupt and mafia forces at all levels, the Jharkhand Vikas Morcha of Babu Lal Marandi is making futile attempts to fish in the troubled waters. This campaign by the CPI(ML) has brought forth the possibilities of new political alignments in the state.

Addressing the Sankalp Sabha, Comrade Vinod Singh, MLA, alleged that after the departure of the NDA Government, UPA came to power in Jharkhand but the unbridled loot of development funds and public money under heads like NREGA, education, health etc. has reached newer heights. However our struggle too has intensified from the Assembly to streets. Comrade Bahadur Oraon, CC Member and ex-MLA from Chakradharpur garlanded the statue of Comrade Mahendra Singh in Bagodar. Party CC members, Comrades Janardan and Raja Ram were also present in the meeting. The meeting was addressed among others by Comrades Raj Kumar Yadav, Mustkim Ansari, Parmeshwar Mahato, Renu Ravani, Rajesh, Ashok Paswan, Satya Narayan Das, and others. Comrade Ibnul Hasan Basru, CC Member, presided over the meeting and Comrade Sita Ram Singh conducted it. Earlier Comrade Mahendra's statue was garlanded in Khambhara in the presence of a large number of women, students and youth. The Motor Kamgar Union organized a Prabhat Pheri early in the morning. A 10-point chargesheet against the UPA Government of Koda was adopted in the Sankalp Sabha.

CPI(ML) Chargesheet against the UPA Government

During 6- year rule of NDA, UPA raised many issues and promised many things. But during their 16 month rule they too betrayed the aspirations of the people of Jharkhand. Comparing the NDA's 6 years of betrayal with the UPA's 16 months of betrayal, CPI(ML) has issued a 10 point charge-sheet:

1. The UPA Government in Jharkhand is captive in the hands of corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and mafia forces whose only aim is nothing but unbridled plunder of development funds and wealth of Jharkhand.

2. In terms of basic amenities like education, health, roads, electricity etc. situation has further worsened rather than improved since the NDA regime.

3. As a result of wholesale corruption in NREGA, BPL and other welfare schemes, starvation deaths and migration have acquired huge proportions. Instead of addressing the basic needs of the people, the Jharkhand Government has crossed all limits of insensitivity to the people of Jharkhand.

4. All promises regarding employment generation have proved hollow. A mockery has been made of NREGA; thousands of posts are vacant in Government jobs. Instead of enhancing the honorarium given to Shiksha Mitras, health workers etc. and making their jobs permanent, the Government has tried its best to suppress their protests.

5. Efforts are on to do away with urban land ceiling instead of returning the land snatched from the tribals. The CNT-SPT Act is being rendered ineffective, and land and projects are being handed over to Jindal-Mittal-Tata and MOUs are being signed NDA-style, without any plans for the displaced people. The government is acting as stooge of corporates and devastating and displacing the peasants-poor and the tribals.

6. Instead of fulfilling the Jharkhandi people's aspirations of industrial revival, the Government has developed transfer-posting of the officials as an industry. Instead of developing any industrial model in the state, mafia-bureaucrats-politicians are busy plundering the natural resources of the state.

7. Instead of punishing those responsible for Tapkara, Doranda firings and the assassins of Comrade Mahendra Singh, the Government is not only protecting them but awarding promotions to such criminal officials. Also the officers notorious for looting development funds are enjoying similar patronage. Under their tutelage many new criminal organizations are prospering.

8. The Government failed to provide any package for a permanent solution for droughts and famines. Instead of making proper use of natural water resources, the Government's plans are aimed at looting funds or big dam projects causing displacement.

9. UPA has further developed the culture of running the Government depending on horse-trading of MLAs and criminals. It has rendered the Assembly completely irrelevant and a thriving centre of corruption. They have made Jharkhand the state where even the panchayat system is not implemented, let alone defending 'grassroots democracy'.

10. The Jharkhand movement reflected the aspirations of the tribals and dalits of the State, and it is fitting that that the majority seats in the Jharkhand Assembly be reserved for them and total strength of the house be made 150; but instead the Delimitation Commisson reduced even the number of tribal seats! The UPA Government's position, however, is a betrayal of the adivasi people and an assault on the tribal aspirations for autonomy of tribal areas under 6th Schedule.

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