Protests Against Bomb Attack on Anti-POSCO Protestors

Pro-POSCO goons in Odisha launched a bomb attack at anti-POSCO protestors, targeting the main PPSS leader Abhaya Sahoo in particular, claiming the life of 3 protesters on 2nd March.

3 left parties - CPI(ML) Liberation, CPI(ML) and SUCI (C), held a protest against the bomb attack at Bhubaneshwar. The protesters marched to the Odisha Assembly and demanded 50 lakhs compensation for each of the victims, arrest of all culprits, immediate withdrawal of police from the Jagatsinghpur area, and scrapping of the POSCO agreement. The protest was led by Mahendra Parida, Radhakant Sethi, and Yudhistir Mohapatra from CPI(ML) Liberation, Shiv Ram from CPI (ML) and Rajendra Verma from SUCI (C).

In Delhi also several groups held a joint protest, which was joined by AISA.

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