Com Bibhas Bose

Com Bibhas Bose breathed his last on 4th March 2013 after a massive cardiac arrest in a bus while he was on his way to attend a seminar of National Safety Council, West Bengal chapter on behalf of AICCTU.

Com Bibhas Bose, popularly known as Buroda plunged into Naxalbari movement in the year 1970 and was arrested around 1973-74 when he went to organise the peasants in a village. The Congress Government charged him with several serious cases, and later MISA charges were thrust upon him. From Howrah jail he was brought to Dum Dum central jail. Inside the jail, he valiantly resisted the oppression of the jail authorities, faced severe repression but always stood firmly besides the co-comrades and inmates.

Com Buroda was a member of Party’s Kolkata district committee and attended his last party meeting on 3rd March. He was Vice President of west Bengal state AICCTU and a National Working committee member of AICCTU. He played an exemplary role in organising the transport workers, particularly the workers of Calcutta Tramways Corporation, hawkers of Birsulhat at Padyapukur, Kolkata and other unorganised workers.

Extremely popular and beloved among the entire comrades of west Bengal, Buroda was an ever smiling, fighting revolutionary and accepted enormous responsibilities unhesitatingly, given by both party and AICCTU, and was always close to the working people. His sudden death was a bolt from the blue for the comrades of West Bengal. Comrades including the General Secretary of the party bid him final adieu on 6th March.

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