The Smile on the face of the Tiger

Manmohanji, what is this 123? It is really bothering me.

Stop worrying about it. I am telling you it is all right. Isn't that enough?

But Manmohanji, in school whenever I ignored the 123, I got into big trouble...

You are not in school now, just leave it and do as I say!

Still, I am worried. If it is all right, why should we hide?

What are you talking about? Oh, I get it, you are worried about the Hyde Act. That is nothing. Actually quite helpful to us.

When you met Bush at the G 8 in Japan, you told him you “were happy to report” that Indians (at least the thinking ones) were beginning to appreciate the need to ally with the USA. Why were you submitting a ‘report’ to him?

Well, after all, it’s him who has to decide if I’ve passed or failed....

But Manmohanji, when I was with you in the Planning Commission, you would always tell me not to trust the Americans. What is so different now? Do you think it is good to hide behind the bush?

“Bhaiya, I am losing my patience, but let me tell you that in the new reality Bush is better than Putin!

So, you are telling me not to put in my trust in the Russians, but to hide behind Bush?
I really think you should not think so much. But just think what China can do to us.

Ji, I don't think China can do anything. Lots of ice between China and us. Not a blade of grass grows there.

Are you trying to be funny? Times have changed. Now, you send missiles by air.

But, ji, what do they want from us? Do they want to import our inflation! Don't you think that is a good joke!

I am not amused by your childish wit.

But Manmohanji, our friends in the Left Front are saying the deal is dangerous.

Bhaiyya, time has marched on, they are going to be left behind.

But why the hurry ji? Time marches very slowly. After all, all the promises you made as finance minister are yet to become true.

Can't you see that time is marching quite fast for me? I am getting old.

So Manmohanji, you are thinking of the future! What are you going to do?

After serving the largest democracy in the world, I only aspire to serve the United States, er, I mean the United Nations...

- Thomas George


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