Road Blockade Against Water-logging

In the wake of heavy rains, streets are water-logged in Darbhanga town; there are deep, open holes hidden by the water, and recently a young motorcyclist even died due to a fall into one such hole. In angry protest, people hit the streets. The CPI(ML) Town Committee held a week-long protest programme against the callousness of the Administration. On 20 July, torch-light processions were held at various places, and a ‘Chakka Jaam’ (Road Blockade) was held at many main roads in the town on 22 July. At the Blockade at Darbhanga Tower, residents and small shopkeepers joined the protest in good number. RYA-AISA led the blockade at Commercial Road, and blockades were also held at Bela Mod and Karpuri Chowk. At the end of the blockade, the party announced a gherao of the Nagar Nigam office on this issue on 25 July.

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