Update : CPI(ML)’s Jharkhand State Conference: For a True Left Alternative

The 3rd Jharkhand State Conference of CPI(ML) from 9-11 June 2008, concluded successfully amidst enthusiasm for further struggles, with central slogans of “prepare for a new Jharkhand for assertion of peasants and workers” and “workers-peasants call, end the reign of loot and repression.” The conference was held in Comrade Mahendra Singh Hall of Comrade Vinod Mishra Nagar (Maithon, Dhanbad). Total 297 delegates and 40 observers from various parts of the State participated in the Conference. A huge mass meeting was organised as opening session of the Conference on June 9, the martyrdom day of Birsa Munda, the legendary figure of resistance.

The CPI(ML) General Secretary Com. Dipankar Bhattacharya in his inaugural address mentioned that in the run-up to the Conference Party had given a call to finish off the reign of loot and repression and during the preparation of the Conference Com. Kameshwar Yadav, an elected delegate to the Conference, was murdered by feudal-criminal nexus. He reminded of other recent attacks and assaults on the Party and said that our slogan for ending the reign of loot and repression is not a mere slogan but an essential day-to-day task. He said that the ruling classes thought to halt our march by killing Comrade Mahendra Singh but CPI(ML) is ever growing in the State and even in the areas where certain weakness was creeping in we are now seeing activism. He said that there is a tide of people’s resistance emerging in all parts of the country amidst growing insecurity to life and livelihood and threats to our Independence, sovereignty and national dignity and the official Left cannot provide leadership to the emerging mass resurgence, therefore the responsibility is ours and we have to muster all our strength and potential for making breakthroughs. He emphasized on a fusion of the Jharkhandi identity with the communist identity in Jharkhand.

Prior to inauguration Com. Bahadur Oraon hoisted the Party Flag and a minute’s silence was observed in the memory of martyrs.

The work-report presented by outgoing Secretary Com. Subhendu Sen, while noting the complexities in the ruling classes’ search for formation of any ‘credible’ government, proposed tasks for strengthening the assertion of workers-peasants on various issues in the State, viz. attaining a leading role in the working class movement, developing powerful pockets of anti-feudal peasant movement and a new mobilisation of peasants centring on the new issues emerging in this phase of agrarian crisis, expansion of Party among tribals broadening the scope of democratic movement among rural poor, attaining at least the status of recognised Party for an effective parliamentary intervention. It was decided to form Jharkhand Mazdur Samiti in place of Jharkhand Mazdur Kisan Sabha.The tasks included some targets: achieving membership targets of 40 thousand for Party, 5 lakhs for Jharkhand Mazdoor Samiti, 1.5 lakhs for the AICCTU, 1.25 lakh for Kisan Sabha, one lakh for AIPWA and 50 thousand for AISA-RYA. Apart from this, target of one thousand active Party Branches, 300 effective local committees, elected district committees in 16 districts and strong dist. committees in 8 districts, 3 thousand members for Lokyudh and 500 for Liberation, strengthening and consolidation of work in 25 Assembly and 7 parliamentary segments were taken up. 85 delegates participated in the debates. The proposals were passed unanimously. In the end a 33 member State Committee was elected and this in its turn elected Com. Janardan Prasad as the new State Secretary 

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