Dalits Assert Their Social Right in TN

In Kodangipatti (a village panchayat in Dindigul dist. of Tamilnadu) Dalits, mostly agricultural labourers active with CPI(ML) and AIALA, asserted their social right on the question of performing Abhisegam (a ritual felicitating the deity) at the temple on par with the upper caste people. Most influential upper caste men in this area who control the temple affairs also own the land on which the Dalits toil. CPI(ML) and AIALA leaders of Karur and Dindigul district put pressure on the District Administration to accede to the demand of the Dalit people. A campaign was launched covering several panchayats and village hamlets. Active support was mobilized in favour of the Kodangipatti Dalits and the District Administration’s anti-Dalit bias was thoroughly exposed.

A case was also filed in High Court against the RDO’s order denying the Dalits their right. After the Court’s direction to the District Administration to ensure that there is no discrimination against the Dalits, a group of enthusiastic Dalits along with CPI(ML) and AIALA leaders and cadres entered the temple. When the temple priest refused to cooperate with the Dalits, the people decided to intensify the campaign against the denial of social dignity and equality to Dalits 

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