Spate of Killings in North Cachar Hills

The CPI(ML) submitted a memorandum to the President of India, Union Home Minister, North East Affairs Minister, as well as Assam CM and Governor, on the subject of the spate of killings of railway employees and other workers by a militant group in N C Hills district of Assam. A protest demo was held in Delhi at Parliament Street on 23 May by AICCTU and AISA. The text of the memorandum is reproduced below:

You must be aware of the uninterrupted killings of railway employees and other workers and innocent people over the last one week in North Cachhar Hills District of Assam. Between May 11 and 15, no less than fourteen railway employees including an engine driver were killed by armed militants of DHD in the 185-km Lumding-Badarpur section of Lumding Division of North-East Frontier Railway. At least another ten workers and employees remain critically injured. The militants have also gunned down at least ten truck drivers, helpers and porters. On the Lumding-Badarpur stretch, 29 stations have been sealed, and 1569 railway employees and their families evacuated, affecting communications and transport not only in Assam but also in neighbouring states.

Life in the hill districts of Assam – NC Hills and Karbi Anglong – has consequently become extremely insecure with the state failing to provide any sense of security and protection to the common people of the region. Compounding this failure of the state is its complete inaction and continuing refusal to find a political solution to the long-standing grievances and demands of the hill people.

For the last two decades the people of Karbi Anglong and NC Hills have been waging a peaceful democratic movement demanding the creation of an Autonomous State comprising these two hill districts as promised under Article 244A of the Constitution of India. By not honouring this solemn constitutional commitment and ignoring the just democratic voice of the hill people, the state has only laid the basis for the rise of armed militant groups in the region. The situation has been further complicated by the dilatory policy of signing cease-fire accords with these groups without engaging them in any meaningful political dialogue and the cynical electoral use of these groups to serve the interests of the ruling party.

We therefore call upon the Governments of India and Assam to take urgent steps to restore peace in the region. While strictly implementing the cease-fire accords the state must immediately start political dialogue with the militant organisations and implement Article 244A without any further delay. 

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