CPI(ML) Condoles Losses of Life in Myanmar and China

CPI(ML) condoles the enormous losses of life – due to cyclone in Myanmar and earthquake in the Sichuan province of China – and expresses deep sympathy and solidarity with the people of these countries at this time of great humanitarian crisis.

The May 2 cyclone in Myanmar is said to have left at least 133,000 people dead or missing, while the devastating earthquake of May 12 in China is estimated to have claimed up to 50, 000 lives till date.

The plight of the people of Myanmar is intensified by the fact that the country is in the grip of military junta that has cynically shown more concern on retaining that iron grip rather than on getting relief for the citizens. In fact, a state-run newspaper has declared that “Our country is going through a variety of storm-like plots and intrigues that are much severer than Nargis, and they are endless,” even as there are reports that aid is not reaching the ravaged survivors.

We stand by the people of Myanmar and China in their struggle to provide relief and rehabilitation for the millions affected by the devastating tragedies.

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