Surveillance State and the 'New Frontiers' of Power

WE are all perhaps familiar with the fictionalised account of a pizza delivery service interacting with a potential customer. Through the course of the conversation, the server reveals an awareness of the customer’s medical condition, financial status, legal misdemeanours, and more. This situation, which was at one time seen as a joke or a frivolous exaggeration, is now strikingly close to our lived experiences.

Fearless Freedom

(We share two excerpts from Liberation editor Kavita Krishnan’s new book Fearless Freedom, published this month by Penguin Random House India)

An Alternate Politics of Parenting

WHRTHER it is ‘Bharat Mata’ or ‘Gau Mata’ (Mother Cow), it seems as though ‘mothering’, in Indian politics today, is a pretext for violence and hate.

India Dissents: 3000 years of Difference, Doubt and Argument

-- Satya Sagar

“But who really knows? Who can tell where all arose?
For the Gods themselves came after Creation.
Who then shall proclaim how Creation happened?”

Nasadiya Sukta, Rig Veda

SINCE Independence from colonial rule, India has emerged as a successful modern democracy, holding regular elections, with a functioning judiciary, smooth transitions of power and a very fine Constitution. It is even seen as a model for many developing countries around the world.

Gita Press and the Making of Hindu India

(A review of Akshay Mukul’s book)

The RSS and its affiliates are desperate even today to lay claim over the heritage of Indian freedom struggle in which they were never historically involved and have no worthwhile icons to showcase. But their ideology nevertheless got sustenance from the cultural-social upheavals of the same tumultuous era and weaknesses of the same freedom struggle, and got crystallized through numerous channels of organizations, movements and institutions, one of which was Gita Press of Gorakhpur.

'Political From Top to Toe'

A Biography of Eleanor Marx

(Concluding part of the introduction to the 2014 biography of Eleanor Marx by Rachel Holmes. The first part appeared in Liberation June 2015 issue)

Eleanor the Political Activist

Eleanor’s mother understood her well when she described her as ‘political from top to toe.’ The biography draws a vivid picture of Eleanor’s tireless activism, fuelled by chain-smoking, sleeplessness and her motto: ‘Go Ahead!’