Justice PB Sawant
Justice P B


Retired Supreme Court judge, Justice PB Sawant passed away at the age of 91on 16 February 2021. At a time when the judiciary in India, especially the Supreme Court, is passing through a crisis of credibility, Justice Sawant’s legacy must be cherished even more. Inspired by Ambedkar and Phule, Justice Sawant was hailed as the “Satyashodhak judge”. He was an advisor to the Peasant and Workers Party (PWP) of Maharashtra and closely associated with the peasant movement in the state. He was among those who, as part of the Elgar Parishad, convened the gathering at Bhima Koregaon in 2017 which has since become the pretext for the arrest and incarceration of a host of human rights defenders. Justice PB Sawant will be sorely missed at this crucial juncture for India’s democracy.

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