Dismal Job Situation In Bihar

THE Selected IT Manager Candidates Association wrote a letter on 20 September 2019 to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and General Administration Department Chief Secretary Amir Subhani pointing out that only 36 out of the panel of 150 candidates selected by the Bihar Prashasanik Sudhar Mission Society (BPSM) in 2017 have so far been appointed, and demanding that vacancies should be created in different government departments and the remaining 114 candidates in the panel should be appointed as soon as possible.

Speaking on this issue, labor leader and AICCTU Bihar State Secretary Ranvijay Kumar said that the shallow claims of the 15-year long Nitish-BJP government about development and curbing of migration are exposed by the fact that the appointment of only 18 IT Managers could be appointed per year by the BPSM which comes under the government’s General Administration Department. If appointments are made at this crawling snail’s pace, the remaining 114 are unlikely to be appointed even after the next 6 ½ years. It is a matter of grave concern that the government is not only unable to stop such talented and bright unemployed youth from migrating from the State, but is also actually giving them undeclared directions to migrate. He gave the example of the government’s exploitation of talented IT sector youth by pointing out that fresh IT managers are appointed at Rs 40,000 annual honorarium by BPSM and other government departments, while recently the Health Safety Committee (under the Health Department) has advertised for the appointment of IT managers with 5 years’ experience at Rs 40,000 honorarium per year. Another example is that of the appointment of only a handful out of 8.5 thousand Executive Assistants empanelled 2 years ago across all Districts in Bihar by BPSM. To top it all, BPSM has announced the decision putting an indefinite stay on panels and appointments in the future. These Executive Assistants will also be deprived of the Ashok Chaudhury Committee benefits and their service and honorariums will be outsourced to Beltron.

Ranvijay Kumar said that this is the dangerous and dismal state of unemployment in Bihar and the government is washing its hands of recruitment and appointment of bright and talented youth. First, permanent jobs were replaced with contract jobs, and now even appointments to contract jobs are being ended. He demanded that the Nitish government should rectify and repair the IT sector; posts for IT Managers, IT Assistants, Executive Assistants, and Data Entry Operators should be created on a large scale and empanelled IT Manager and Executive Assistant candidates should receive appointments within a fixed time period.

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