Comrade Yamuna Prasad Poddar

Well-loved workers’ leader Com Yamuna Prasad Poddar passed away on 2 September 2017 after a heart attack. He was 85. Comrade Yamuna, currently a District President of AICCTU, leaves behind four sons and a daughter. His son Amar Kumar is a member of the AICCTU Bihar State Council.

Comrade Yamuna was a fearless and honest worker under whose leadership workers’ struggles were at the forefront in Bhagalpur. He openly challenged the feudal-Brahminic dominance. He was elected District President of the Bihar State Non-gazetted Workers Association (Gope group) in 1988-89 and was jailed for leading workers’ struggles. Associated with the Communist movement from the beginning, Com Yamuna joined the CPI (ML) in 1988-89. He was a member of the CPI (ML) Bhagalpur City Committee from 2002 to 2009. He worked with the Construction Workers’ Union and was elected President in 2006. He was jailed along with 26 workers in 2008 for leading the struggle against police brutalities on workers.

Hundreds of activists and leaders from the Left, trade unions, workers’ organizations, workers, and poor people gathered at his house on 3 September to pay their respects and condolences. He was draped in the red flag and comrades bid him a last farewell at Barari Ghat with the singing of the Internationale. Red salute to Com Yamuna Prasad!

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