Badlav Rally in Jamua, Jharkhand

The CPI(ML) held a Badlav Rally (Rally for Change) in Jamua attended by thousands of supporters and addressed by General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya. It is to be noted that in spite of an ongoing two month long agitation, the killers of Reetlal Verma (killed in Jamua Hospital), Sudama Yadav (murdered in Sardiha village) and rapists of a minor girl Meena Hansda (raped and murdered over a year ago) have not been arrested. To protest against governmental inaction in these cases as well as the issues of MLA fund loot, amendments to the CNT- SPT Act, and a domicile policy that goes against the rights of original tribal people of the state, the Party held a rally on 25 March which culminated in a meeting at the Jamua Circus Maidan.

The rally was also addressed by former MLA Vinod Singh, MLA Rajkumar Yadav and other leaders. The speakers said that only a concerted and united fight against these corrupt and repressive powers can bring about the desired change and better times for Jharkhand.

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