Comrade Khudiram Munda

Comrade Khudiram Munda of Panch Pargana, Ranchi, passed away at midnight, on 16 August.

He was suffering from critical neurological problems. His funeral was held in his native village on 17 August.


Convention Demands Justice for Paramakudi and Bathani Tola

A convention was organized in Madurai on August 18 2012, under the banner ‘Citizens for Justice for Paramakudi and Bathani Tola. The convention began by paying homage to the victims of caste atrocities and feudal and state-sponsored massacres.

Several grass root activists shared their experiences of atrocities and their struggles. Presiding over the convention, Comrade Simpson, a member of the Citizens for Justice for Bathani Tola, and State Organizer of the Liberation Front of the Oppressed, emphasized how the dispossession of Dalits from land and resources is central to all atrocities, and hence land struggle is paramount to Dalit empowerment. He spoke of the ongoing struggle for justice in the Paramakudi firing in which 6 people from the oppressed community were brutally killed.

Com. Subramanyam, State Secretary of AICCTU (and General Secretary, Dr. Ambetakar Paniyalar and Porialars Sangam) said that that Ambedkarism and Marxism were the right weapons for Dalit liberation. He lamented the sub-caste identity which is inimical to the unity of Dalits’ struggle.

Com. P.Chandir Bose, GS, Thiyagi Immanuel Sekaran Peravai, who led the gathering on which the police firing at Paramakudi took place last year, welcomed the move to unite with like-minded struggling forces.

CPIML CCM Kavita Krishnan termed the Patna High Court verdict on Bathani Tola a judicial massacre. She also explained the very political background of emergence of Ranvir Sena, inspired by RSS ideology and politics, which sought to smash the political assertion of the landless poor and oppressed under the banner of CPIML. She also pointed out here Tamilnadu too, such a judicial farce was witnessed in the Kilvenmani case where the verdict held that ‘gentlemen’ who owned cars could not have committed the massacre!

Dalit writer Ilam Parithi also addressed the gathering. In his concluding remarks, Com. Balasundaram, State Secretary of the CPIML questioned the impunity for perpetrators of massacres like Venmani, Thamiraparani , Bathani and now Paramakudi. He called upon the left , democratic and progressive forces to observe September 11, the anniversary of the Paramakudi firing, in TN as a day to commemorate the struggles at Paramakudi and Bathani Tola. The gathering endorsed the call.

A large number of CPI(ML) activists, Dalit activists and well wishers attended the convention, including a large section of rural and urban poor women. Several resolutions were passed in the convention: demanding speedy CBI enquiry into the Paramakudi police firing; withdrawing of the Chief Minister’s anti Dalit remarks on the floor of the State Assembly; speedy arrest of those who recently desecrated the statues of Dr. Ambedkar and Immanuel Sekaran near Madurai; expedited of the Bathani case by the Supreme Court to ensure justice; speedy trial of cases under the Prevention of Atrocities Act in TN; Panchayat lands meant for Dalits and encroached by dominant forces with political patronage must be retrieved and distributed to Dalits; lands with Temple and Mutts and Trusts must be acquired and distributed to the landless.

Comrade Mathivanan, District Secretary of CPIML Madurai welcomed the gathering and Comrade G Ramesh, SCM of CPI(ML), presented vote of thanks.

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