Solidarity With Nepal’s Mass Organisations

The 6th National Conference of the All Nepal Women’s Association (ANWA) (affiliated to the CPN-UML) was held at Pokhara from 20-23 March. On ANWA’s invitation, an AIPWA delegation comprising AIPWA General Secretary Meena Tiwari and National Executive Member Sarojini Bisht attended the Conference.

The Conference was inaugurated by a massive rally, which was addressed by representatives of several Indian women’s organizations including AIPWA.

Addressing the mass meeting on behalf of AIPWA, Comrade Meena Tiwari said that the role of Nepal’s women in the struggles for democracy are a source of inspiration for women all over South Asia. Congratulating Nepalese women on winning 33% reservation in representative assemblies as well as several pro-women laws, she said that women in India are still struggling for these rights. She shared the experiences of women in India fighting against entrenched biases in Government, police, and judiciary, especially the way in which the Bihar Government was influencing the process of justice to protect the perpetrators of feudal massacre at Bathani Tola and the rapists of Rupam Pathak. She called for greater solidarity among women’s struggles all over South Asia. The rally was also addressed by NFIW leader Amarjit Kaur and AIDWA General Secretary Sudha Sundararaman, as well as women representatives of JD(U) and Samajwadi Party.

The 5th National Congress of Confederation of Nepalese Professionals (CONEP) was held at Kathmandu on May 1st, International Labour Day, and May 2nd. AICCTU Vice President SK Sharma attended and addressed the Congress, extending solidarity greetings with Nepal’s working class movement.

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