Cadre Convention in Uttarakhand

The party held a Cadre Convention in Dehradun, Uttarakhand on 13-14 October, in which party activists from Pithoragarh, Chamoli, Rudraprayag, Nainital, Almoda, Udhamsingh Nagar, Pauri and Dehradun districts discussed issues and agendas of struggle in the state and building of party and mass organisations. The State Leading Team of the party placed a proposal which was critically discussed. This proposal was placed for discussion by CPI(ML) CCM Comrade Rajendra Pratholi.

This organisational session of the Convention was preceded by an open session, in which Uttarakhand in-charge Comrade Raja Bahuguna spoke of the BJP Government’s crackdown on democracy, workers’ struggles and Left activists in the State.

Comrade Jagat Martoliya of Pithoragarh shared the positive experience of organising workers on the Kailash-Mansarovar route into a porters’ union and successfully conducting struggles for better wages. Comrade Vijaylakshmi, who was elected Pradhan from a party platform in Almora, spoke of the need to link the panchayats with people’s struggles. Comrade madan Mohan Chamoli of Rudraprayag put forward ideas about Jan Sanskriti Manch work in the state. Others who spoke included Comrade Harish Joshi from Udhamsingh Nagar, many comrades from Bindukhatta in Nainital district, AISA activist Pavan Nautiyal, AISA National President Indresh Maikhuri and many others.

State committee member Comrade Girija Pathak led the discussion on organisational questions; Comrade Bahadur Jangi on building Kisan Sabha in the Terai Bhabar region; Peasant Front in-charge Purushottam Sharma on Kisan Sabha; and Comrade K K Bora on AICCTU.

The Cadre Convention resolved to complete some minimum organisational tasks by March 2009: including formation of party branches and renewal of party membership. It was decided that AICCTU would hold a demonstration at the Labour Commissioner’s office at Haldwani on 28 October; an effective demonstration would be held in December 08 at Haldwani to raise the demand for Bindukhatta to be declared a revenue village, and other issues. It was decided to hold AISA State Conference and conduct membership drives of AISA, RYA, AIALA, Kisan Sabha and AICCTU, hold of a workshop for elected panchayat representatives, study camps in each district to study the party programme and constitution, and block conferences of the Kisan Sabha by March 2009.

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