Hisab do-Jawab do Rally in Jharkhand

Under a scorching sun on April 10, masses of people thronged the CPI(ML) Rally at Ranchi, spiritedly raising the questions of plunder, state repression and corruption in Jharkhand and demanding ‘Accountability and Answers’ (Hisab Do Jawab Do) from the ruling Madhu Koda Government. The Rally was marked by the participation of a substantial section of tribal people and rural women. The rally began with a minute's silence in memory of all the martyrs.

Addressing the people as the main speaker, CPI(ML) General Secretary Comrade Dipankar said that from the very inception of Jharkhand, there had been a struggle between two distinct political currents in the State – one, of loot, repression, divisive politics and corruption in favour of the corporate; the other, of united resistance of all oppressed and marginalised people. The latter is represented in the struggles and sacrifices of CPI(ML) activists and leaders like Comrade Mahendra Singh in defence of democracy and the rights of citizen’s in Jharkhand.

The previous NDA Government as the first Government of the State, had shot dead tribals in Tapkara and then Muslims in Ranchi on Eid day, making clear its agenda of land grab, state repression, and communal fascism. Asking the UPA constituents in the State, the Congress, RJD and the JMM to stop playing ‘Opposition’ when they themselves were behind the Government, Comrade Dipankar challenged them to pull down the Government and call for elections. MLAs of Congress, JMM, RJD and Babulal Marandi all colluded to get the Director of Ambani's company - from Delhi - elected from Jharkhand for the Rajya Sabha through the backdoor. The UPA govts of the State and Centre speak of the aam aadmi but they work for Ambani and America.

Comrade Dipankar said that Jharkhand’s people are forced to migrate in search of work and face xenophobic assaults in other states, even as NREGS is turned into a mockery of employment for the poor. The Jharkhand Government is busy signing MoUs in the name of industrial development with the Jindals and Mittals. Existing industries in Jharkhand are actually being finished off by the UPA and NDA governments turn by turn, while the richest mineral resources are gifted away to big companies without any benefit to the people, and Governments plead lack of resources for running welfare schemes!

Addressing the Rally, Comrade Bahadur Oraon, CC member of CPI(ML), said that the CNT and SPT Acts intended to safeguard tribal lands are being openly flouted, and those who resist are subjected to rape, repression and massacre. Tribal people are being cheated by the range of ruling parties. He appealed to all segments of tribal people to spread this awareness and associate with the revolutionary current of CPI(ML).

One of the main speakers at the Rally was Comrade Jayanta Rongpi, CC Member of CPI(ML) and former MP from Karbi Anglong. He said the Congress and UPA, be it in Jharkhand or in Assam, had shown its true face on the question of tribal welfare. When tribals of Jharkhand origin who had been living in Assam for several generations demanded recognition as tribals, they were stripped and paraded naked in the State capital of Guwahati. It was the CPI(ML) which was the first to reach out to the victims of that atrocity – not the self-proclaimed ruling class messiahs of Jharkhand’s adivasis. While the BJP and Congress are united in promoting the interests of the industrialists at the cost of the tribals, the CPI(ML) was at the forefront of the battle for the adivasis’ rights to land, forests and water.

CPI(ML) MLA in the Jharkhand Assembly Comrade Vinod Kumar Singh said within the Jharkhand Assembly, CPI(ML)’s was the lone voice raising the issues of Turia Munda’s suicide due to non-payment of wages under NREGS, or the police brutality that killed Ramzan Miyan on Muharram day, nor of the questions of the right of Jharkhand’s people to its resources. The CPI(ML) is the only true Opposition in the State, both within the Assembly and out on the streets.

Others who addressed the Rally were Comrade Shubhendu Sen, CPI(ML) Jharkhand State Secretary, Comrades Janardan Prasad and Rajaram, CC Members of CPI(ML), Comrade Ibnul Hasan Basroo, CC member CPI(ML) and State's incharge of Inquilabi Muslim Conference (IMC), prominent cultural personality Dr. B.P. Kesri, AICCTU National General Secretary Comrade Swapan Mukherjee, and RYA leader Rajkumar Yadav. Prof. Sambhu Badal of Vinoba Bhave University recited the poems penned by him dedicated to Comrade Mahendra Singh. Office secretary Comrade J.P. Minz presented a 15-point resolution which was unanimously adopted by the Rally.

In the run-up to the Rally, an ‘Ulgulan Chetna Rath’ by a team of cultural activists had campaigned all over the city. The Rally was made colourful by the performances by many cultural teams: Anjam, Jagaran, Mashal, while the Panchpargana unit of Jan Sanskriti Manch and Sengel cultural team presented a Chhau tableau on the suicide of Turia Munda (see photo) and JSM’s Singhbhum unit presented a tableau depicting Birsa Munda in battle against today’s agents of imperialist loot: Jindal-Mittal-Tata etc... The entire Ranchi city was decorated with gates erected in the names of revolutionary martyrs of the Jharkhand movement. 

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