CPI(ML) Condemnation of the Attack on CPI(M)’s Offices, (2). Tripura Elections

CPI(ML) Condemnation of the Attack on CPI(M)’s Offices

(Issued by the Party in New Delhi)

The CPI(ML) strongly condemns the attack by Hindu Maha Sabha, BJP and RSS workers, led by senior BJP leaders, on the Central Office of the CPI(M) in Delhi, as well as the subsequent attack on Sunderayya Bhavan in Hyderabad and the home of the CPI(M) State Secretary of Karnataka. The fascist goons and their leaders must immediately be arrested and given exemplary punishment. Such act of hooliganism against a political party office bears a dangerous signal that the Sangh Parivar and BJP can go to any extent against its political opponent. The Party has also condemned the fact that no proper security arrangements were made in spite of the prior information of Hindu Maha Sabha’s programme. The CPI(ML) calls upon all democratic parties, organizations and individuals to stand firmly against such acts. 

Tripura Elections

The Left Front registered a victory in the Assembly Polls in Tripura for a fourth consecutive time. A significant feature in the polls was the improved LF performance in the tribal seats (the LF won all the seven SC seats and 19 out of 20 ST seats). The LF regained its grip on the tribal seats at the cost of the Congress-INPT.

The Forward Bloc which broke away from the LF and contested independently polled a total of 2900 votes from 12 seats. CPI(ML) contested 14 seats, polling 5261 votes in all. In the last Assembly polls, we polled 2800 votes from 8 seats (an average of 350 votes), and this time around we maintained roughly the same average. The fact that we were able to contest a total of 14 seats is encouraging, and on 3 seats we were able to poll above 600 votes while in one we polled 450 votes. 

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