The Pledge of July 28
july 28

28 July, 2020 marks the 48th anniversary of the martyrdom of Comrade Charu Mazumdar, founder General Secretary of CPI(ML). It also marks the 46th anniversary of the reorganization of the party after the initial setback suffered by our movement and the party in the early 1970s. On this historic occasion, we pay our revolutionary tribute to Comrade Charu Mazumdar and all the martyrs and departed leaders of our Party and the Indian communist movement. We resolve to carry forward their unfinished mission and fulfil their dreams of a truly free and democratic India.

In his last message to the Party, Comrade Charu Mazumdar had asked his comrades to keep the Party alive and uphold and serve the interests of the people as the only interest of the Party. The call to serve the interests of the people is particularly relevant in today’s critical situation when the people of India are faced with the combined challenges of the Covid19 pandemic and the coercive and disastrous lockdown imposed by the Modi government. We resolve to face these challenges with all our courage and serve the people with all our might.

Taking advantage of the lockdown, the Modi government has unleashed a total war on the Indian people and the Indian Constitution and democracy. All our resources are being subjected to unbridled corporate plunder and all our rights are being snatched away one after another, thus weakening our country in every possible way. On top of it, the government is abdicating every responsibility to guarantee even essential goods and services for the people, leaving the people to fend for themselves, and calling it most hypocritically atmanirbharta or self-reliance. We resolve to defeat every fascist design to sow hatred and division among the people, weaken the country and destroy our Constitution and democracy.  

Braving the life-threatening challenges of Covid19, the working people of India, especially all those working on the front of public health and other essential services, continue to discharge their duties. We salute their dedication and sacrifice. Many of our intellectuals and activists are currently languishing in jail under fabricated charges and draconian laws. We demand immediate unconditional release of all these political prisoners.

Defying the Modi government’s despotic design, more and more sections of Indian people are rallying in struggles for survival with human dignity and democratic rights. We support all these just struggles and resolve to build broader solidarities around them to raise the level of people’s unity and democratic awakening and assertion. People awakened and united will never be defeated. We resolve to march forward on the basis of the unity and assertion of the people to defeat the fascist threat and win all our rights.

At a time when many of India’s opposition parties are vacillating, capitulating and colluding with the fascist forces, CPI(ML) has been playing its role in the forefront of democratic resistance with the courage and consistency that are the hallmarks of our revolutionary legacy and identity. We are proud of this revolutionary communist legacy and resolve to strengthen it with all our energy and painstaking work and with the vibrancy and power of our organization.

Strengthen the CPI(ML) to serve the people better!
Strengthen the CPI(ML) to make the people’s movement stronger!



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