TADA Victim Comrade Tribhuvan Sharma Released from Jail

COMRADE Tribhuvan Sharma was released from jail after being incarcerated for 17 years under a TADA case.

Immediately on hearing of his release, CPIML State Secretary Kunal, Magadh Zone in-charge Amar, Arwal, Jehanabad and Gaya District Secretaries and other senior leaders went to the Central Jail to welcome Comrade Tribhuvan Sharma. Hundreds of people from many villages welcomed back their beloved leader Tribhuvan Sharma with garlands and flowers.

Comrade Tribhuvan was incarcerated on 21 July 2003 and has been released after a prolonged legal battle. Many party leaders, farmers, workers, women, and shopkeepers went to the jail to welcome their beloved leader Comrade Tribhuvan and accompanied him back from Gaya Central Jail to his ancestral village Ahiyarpur.

CPIML Jahanabad Secretary Mahanand said that 14 people have been incarcerated in jail since 21 July 2003, of whom 5 have died, including Comrade Shah Chand. Comrade Shah Chand died after spending 12 years in jail. 7 people are still in jail, of whom 5 are in Gaya Central Jail and 2 in Bhagalpur Central Jail. He demanded that these 7 should also be released by the government.

Large numbers of people from villages in Arwal, Bhadasi, Kinjar, Nagla, Godiha, Jehanabad and Gaya came flocking to the jail to accompany their beloved leader on his release.

Comrade Tribhuvan and the others were falsely implicated under TADA during the peasants’ struggle. Leaders in the struggle were falsely implicated under TADA in Arwal and sent to jail, including Comrade Shah Chand, Tribhuvan Shrma, Dr Jagdish Yadav, Arun Bharti and others.

Comrade Tribhuvan Sharma has been released after a long legal battle. We expect and demand that the government should release the others also who are jailed under TADA.

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