Arrests in UP and Tripura for protesting Babri Masjid demolition

CPIML observed 6 December as the day of countrywide protests to demand that the guilty in the Babri Masjid demolition should be punished without any further delay.

Even though the court verdict is being delayed, the entire country knows which persons were involved in demolishing the Babri Masjid and thus attacking the democratic secular fabric of India. There are many names which do not appear in the charge-sheet but they have themselves declared openly in public that they were involved in the demolition. All such BJP leaders should receive punishment. BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj is an accused named in the charge-sheet; admirer of Nathuram Godse MP, Pragya Thakur has been openly declaring that she was part of the Babri demolition. Both these MPs should be immediately dismissed from Parliament in the interest of justice.

Countrywide protests were organised on these two demands involving lakhs of people. At many places demonstrations were held in spite of many hindrances posed by the administration favouring ruling BJP governments. In Chennai the protest was held even after the district authorities denied permission to hold any programme on this issue.

CPIML activists were holding a peaceful dharna on 6 December at Robertsganj Tahsil and preparing to submit to the SDM a memorandum addressed to the President. As they were making preparations, the police led by the local Chowki in-charge snatched away the memorandum, separated the women, and arrested 7 Party activists. They were taken to the Thana and beaten up there. Earlier, two Party leaders—State Standing Committee member Shashikant Kushwaha and District Secretary Shankar Kol—had been arrested in the morning from the Robertsganj Party office in order to prevent them from attending the protest. The two leaders were detained for the whole day and released in the evening, while the 5 Party workers were sent to jail.

The Gomati District Party committee holding protest demanding punishment to the perpetrators of Babri demolition and dismissal of MPs, Sakshi Maharaj and Pragya from Parliament, in Udaipur district of Tripura. An organised mob of RSS-BJP suddenly started attacking the leaders which was resisted by the people present. The goons retreated and again came back to set the CPIML party office on fire while the police and other officials took no action against them. The miscreants also attacked Party’s Tripura state secretary comrade Partha Karmakar injuring him. The RSS goons again came in night to attack the house of comrade Karmakar and other party supporters. An FIR has been filed against this incident but so far no satisfactory action was taken by the administration.

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