Hunger Strike by CPIML against Police Atrocities in Ranchi
Hunger Strike by CPIML against Police Atrocities in Ranchi

CPIML organized a one-day hunger strike on 16 June 2022 in front of Bapu Vatika at Morhabadi Maidan in Ranchi against the continuing repression, after the brutal incident of police firing on muslim protesters on 10 June, against minority community and innocent persons by the administration and at the behest of a Sanghi-minded Governor and the silence of the State government. The hunger strike was led by MLA Vinod Singh, CPIML State Secretary Manoj Bhakt, CC member Shubhendu Sen, Bhuvaneshwar Kewat, Mohan Dutta, Sudama Xalkho, Nandita, Sindhi Xalkho, Eti Tirkey, Sushma, Noreen Akhtar, Sohail, Abhay, Amanat, Kalicharan, Pushkar Mahto, Bhim Sahu and Emanul Haq.

Addressing the press after the protest Vinod Singh said that the central government is intervening unconstitutionally in Jharkhand on state and government machinery. He also informed of CPIML’s support to the Mahagathbandhan candidate Shilpi Tirkey in the Mandar by-election.

Comrade Vinod Singh said that video footage shows clearly that the in Ranchi police firing was done not to disperse the crowd but with a view to 'teaching a lesson'. Despite prior notice of the protest, high level officials were not apprised of the situation. That was a grave mistake. The enquiry committee should investigate these facts with full seriousness and the guilty officials should be punished. The police and administration by-passing the law and courts and taking on the role of disbursing justice is highly dangerous for democracy.

Comrade Vinod Singh further said that the corruption of the infamous Pooja Sharma flourished at the best under the BJP’s Raghuvar government. The chances of corrupt officials getting away scot free are greater due to the double standards of the Central government.

A team of party leaders led by MLA Vinod Singh met the families of police firing victims Mohd Sahil and Modassir at their homes in Chistia Nagar, Karbala Chowk and Tiwari Tank Street, Hindpeedi respectively, got appraised of the real situation and expressed deep condolences to the bereaved families. The team comprised Vinod Singh, Shubhendu Sen, Bhuvaneshwar Kewat, Nadeem Khan, Nandita Bhattacharya and Noreen Akhtar.