Leaked Files Expose China’s Abuses In Uyghur Concentration Camps

A hacker has exposed a trove of police files relating to China’s “re-education camps” for Uyghur people. These files conclusively disprove China’s attempts to showcase the camps to journalists as mere “re-education camps”. The files show thousands of haunting photos of incarcerated Uyghurs, including those of elderly people and children, whose crimes include “studying Quran with grandmother”, “growing beard” and so on. The youngest prisoner is a 15-year-old girl. Children of prisoners, as young as six, are also incarcerated with parents.

Stop The War On Ukraine!

We stand with Ukraine against the war being waged on it by Russia, and demand that Russia immediately stop bombing Ukraine, and withdraw its military from Ukraine territory and airspace. 
All disputes must be settled only through  diplomatic means. 
Russia must immediately call a halt to its aggressive military intervention in Ukraine, dubbed a 'special military operation' by Putin, withdraw its forces and return to diplomacy to de-escalate & resolve the current impasse. Peace must prevail. 

Labour Unrest Brewing in the United States

Beyond the everyday headlines, the United States seems to be heading towards a new wave of labour militancy. Almost every major industry in the US seems to have been hit by the recent mobilization of workers, who are no longer willing to work for poverty wages. While the labour shortage triggered by the restrictions due to COVID-19 is seen as the immediate cause, the roots of the problem lie deep within the economy itself.