Observe National Protest Day on 21st July Demanding Justice for the Horrific Incident of Sexual Assault on Kuki Women by Hate Mob in Manipur!

Observe National Protest Day on 21st July Demanding Justice
Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh and Union Home Minister Amit Shah Must Resign!

The video of Kuki women being paraded in Manipur reveals the true state of the BJP's 'double engine governance' and brings home the horrific reality of the Sangh brigade's culture of mob violence. The silence maintained by the PM till today has only compounded the crime. If Modi truly finds it 'shameful' and promises justice to the 'daughters of Manipur' the least the regime must do is to secure the resignation of the Manipur CM and the Union Home Minister for the dehumanising crimes against humanity and total collapse of governance in Manipur.

The horrific incident of sexual assault on two Kuki Women by a mob, reportedly took place on May 4 in Kangpokpi district in Manipur when the women along with their family members were trying to escape mobs. The mob sexually assaulted the women as they were being forced to parade naked. Reports also tell us that the male family members of the rape survivors were murdered by the mob. More than two months have passed since the horrific incident had taken place without any action taken by the police or Manipur government. One person is arrested after the video of this incident went viral on social media.

Manipur has been burning since May, around 150 people have been reportedly killed and thousands have been displaced in the ethnic clash that has gripped Manipur since May. The immediate trigger for the violence was a Manipur HC order regarding the demand of ST status by the majority Meitei community. Both the Manipur and the central government run by BJP have utterly failed in protecting people of Manipur, especially its tribal population.

The Chief Minister of Manipur, N Biren Singh, has himself indulged in hate mongering against tribals by upholding the narrative of 'foreigner' against the Kuki-Zo community of Manipur. Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who is known as a mastermind of communal violence in Gujarat and has set up a track record of shielding perpetrators of majoritarian violence while being the Union Home Minister had paid a formal visit to the state. But violence in Manipur has continued unabated till now. The government machinery run by BJP that can run an efficient system of snooping on its citizens, silencing protestors through crackdown, police atrocity on students, women, tribals, Dalits and Muslims cannot halt the violence in Manipur is beyond anyone's believe.

It is now clear that when the BJP runs its double engine government in any state, riots, rapes and murders become the mode of governance. Flaring up ethnic and communal tension in North-East is another marker of the BJP regime.

Be it Bilkis Bano and other women who faced sexual assault during anti-muslim violence in Gujarat,  rape victims of Mujaffarnagar riot or the women assaulted and raped by the mob in Manipur- it is women's bodies that become the receiving ground of 'revenge'. In most of these instances, the state institutions have actively engaged in shielding the perpetrators of majoritarian misogynistic violence. It is only through mass struggles for justice that has forced the police to act against perpetrators.

The need of the hour is to unite and demand immediate action against the perpetrators of the horrific crime in Kangpokpi that has come to light.

Observe Protest All Over the Country on 21st July and demand--

Immediately identify and arrest all the perpetrators! Expose and Resist every attempt of shielding them in the name of 'unidentified' crowd.

The Manipur CM N Biren Singh and Union Home Minister Amit Shah must resign!

Send a SC Monitored Team with feminists and lawyers to investigate into all such incidents of violence and rapes. The team must look into actions taken by Manipur Police in all such incidents.

- CPIML Liberation