Recruitment and Justice Convening Committee formed in Patna


CPIML MLAs Sandeep Saurabh, Manoj Manzil and Ajit Kushwaha informed on 17 March that the Bahali Nyay convening committee has been formed to bring candidates of various exams together on a single platform to highlight the recruitment crisis and young people's demands. A state level convention will be organized in Patna and a booklet will be brought out to expose the irregularities in competitive exams.

Public Libraries in Bihar

(Text of a letter by Bihar MLAs calling attention of the Bihar Assembly to the state of public libraries in the state, followed by a letter to one of the MLAs, Comrade Sudama Prasad, by a student, responding to his calling-attention motion.)

The Secretary
Bihar Vidhan Sabha, Patna

I hereby give notice for a calling attention motion under the Bihar Vidhan Sabha procedure and rule No. 104 in the conduct of proceedings manual.

Left Sweeps 2019 JNUSU Elections: JNU Cannot Be 'Conquered'!

A vindictive Vice Chancellor + ABVP Grand Alliance know they can't win JNUSU, so they try every trick to derail JNUSU election. This year’s JNUSU elections saw a massive turnout of 67.9% of students participating with 5762 votes. The ABVP, backed by the JNU Administration, went to Court to stop the Election Committee from declaring the results.  Eventually, the Court ruled that the results be declared. The mandate – which the whole of JNU knew anyway – was declared formally.

BHU Students Protest Sexual Harassment Again

WOMEN students of BHU have risen up in protest against the administrative shielding of Prof SK Chaubey who has been found guilty of sexually harassing women students. The complaints committee against sexual harassment enquired into allegations that the professor made obscene gestures and vulgar comments to women students during an academic trip to Odisha last year, and found him guilty. The committee recommended stern action.

AISA Emerges Stronger in DUSU

IN the DUSU polls this year, AISA emerged even stronger than before - with a significant increase in votes since last year, both in absolute term and percentage!

In an unequal playing ground for common students, in contrast with the government-backed ABVP that contested the election with huge money power, common students have strengthened their support for AISA.

ABVP managed to win the post of President, VP and Joint Secretary, while NSUI won the Secretary post.

AISA Campaign for 'Right to Accommodation' in Delhi University

THE DU unit of AISA has started a campaign to assert students’ right to accommodation in which students are being mobilized to pressurise the University administration and the government to ensure accommodation to the students who come to DU from various parts of the country. The campaign called ‘A Room of My Own’ is also a campaign against the exploitation of students by inflated rents, electricity bills and brokerage.

RYA Conference in Bihar

THE 6th Bihar State RYA Conference was held in Jehanabad on 3 August. The conference was attended by over 500 delegates from over 25 districts from Bihar. As a tribute to the recent student-youth upsurge in the country, especially the clarion call of ‘Utho Mere Desh’, Jehanabad town was named Bhagat Singh-Ambedkar Nagar. The venue of the Conference (Jehanabad Town Hall) was named Rohith Vemula-Chandrasekhar Hall, the stage was named after the progressive author and activist Premchand and the gate was named after Com.

Campuses Under Attack

ON February 21 and 22 this year, ABVP unleashed an organized, viciously violent riot in Delhi University, attacking students and teachers with glass bottles, bricks, stones and hockey sticks. ABVP cadre uttered filthy abuse to women, pulling them by the hair, and they attacked several journalists, snatching and smashing cameras and phones. The Delhi Police stood watching, allowing the ABVP to run riot and indulge in repeated, open assaults.