10 Burning Questions We're Asking That Modi Won't Answer

1. Isn’t it true that a mere 4% of black money is in cash? Why have you broken your promise of bringing back black money from offshore havens?

2. Isn’t it true that a very large component of counterfeit currency is in Rs 100 notes – which are untouched by demonetization? So demonetization has not wiped out counterfeit currency. Isn’t demonetizing notes to wipe out counterfeit currency, rather like destroying rice instead of just picking out the stones?

3. Demonetization has brought desperation and chaos to the lives of the poor and 65 ordinary people have died thanks to demonetization; while the corrupt Bellary mining baron Reddy has spent Rs 550 crore on his daughter’s wedding and Mukesh Ambani has hosted a lavish pre-wedding party for his niece. Will you admit that demonetization has hit the poor and spared the richest and most corrupt?

4. Did you as Gujarat CM accept Rs 25 crore each as illegal payment from the Sahara and Birla groups? Should there not be a credible Supreme Court-monitored probe into these payments?

5. Ambani son-in-law Saurabh Patel was appointed a Gujarat Minister by you in 2002. When he was Energy and Petrochemicals Minister, did his family company invest in oil and gas blocks? Is this not conflict of interest and a corrupt political-business nexus?

6. Why are you equating cashless economy with corruption-free economy? The Bloomberg report shows that Nigeria, which is a country with high corruption rates, is also one of countries with lowest cash economies.

7. J&K Police have just claimed that two LeT terrorists killed there had Rs 2000 notes. Will you admit that either the men killed were not LeT terrorists at all, or that demonetization has had no effect on terrorists?

8. When you planned demonetization 6 months ago, how come you made no arrangement for adequate new currency and ATMs calibrated for Rs 100 notes and the new notes? How come your initial plans did not allow cooperative banks (with widest rural coverage) to exchange currency, never taking into account that farmers would urgently need cash to buy seeds in time for sowing? How come your initials plans never provided for withdrawals for weddings?

9. Why won’t your government provide free food rations, medical care, transport as well as compensation for wages lost due to standing in queues, for as long as the demonetization chaos lasts?

10. The demonetization death toll is 70 between 8-22 November and still counting – is it a mere ‘inconvenience’ when an ordinary citizen is killed by Government policies?

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