A Series of Atrocities In Jharkhand This Year

Mar 18, 2016: Cattle trader Mohammad Majloom (35) and Inayatullah Khan (12), hanged from a tree in Latehar by ‘cow protection’ goons

June 13 2016: A teenage Dalit girl subjected to custodial sexual harassment and violence by police in Manika thana, Latehar, while being “interrogated” in the matter of her friend’s elopement; a High Court Bench took suo motu notice of the case and passed an order against what it termed “inhuman torture” by the police

June 19 2016: A senior journalist beaten up by police in Bokaro

July 8 2016: Rupesh Swansi, a minor Dalit boy, tortured and killed in the Bundu thana police lock-up

July 18 2016: Tausif Hussain, a minor Muslim youth, beating to death in the Hazaribagh police lock-up

July 27 2016: Five Muslim men Wasim Ansari, Aftab Ansari, Shahbaz, Naseem Ansari, and

Aijaz Ansari thrashed on the road from Dumraon village to Pelawal in Hazaribagh district, Jharkhand by a ‘cow-protection’ mob that accused them of transporting cattle for slaughter
August 22 2016: Police firing killed two and injuring seven villagers protesting land grab at Gola (Ramgarh) in Jharkhand

October 1 2016: 4 killed in police firing at Barkagaon, Hazaribagh for resisting land grab by NTPC

October 9, 2016: Muslim youth Minhaj Ansari killed by torture in police custody, after being arrested for a WhatsApp post

October 22, 2016: One protester killed, several injured in police firing on an Aakrosh (Anger) Rally in Khunti (Ranchi) against the amendments in CNT-SPT Acts

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