Demanding Justice For Martyr Gangaram Kaul

-- Subhas Sen

The struggle for justice for Comrade Gangaram Kaul continues. At the demonstration in Tinsukia on 12th June, a resolution had been passed that if the Assam Government failed to initiate a CBI enquiry as declared in the Assembly by the 15th August, then the residence of the main accused, Congress MLA Raju Sahu would be gheraoed.

Since the Assam Government failed to declare a CBI enquiry, Raju Sahu’s residence was gheraoed by over 1000 people on 15 September. Similar demonstrations and meetings were also held at Dibrugarh town, Tingkhong, Jorhat, Nagaon, Bishwanath Chariali, Chandrapur and Guwahati.

On 15th September, 2013 a militant procession starting from the Durgabari Hall, Tinsukia and proceeded towards Raju Sahu’s residence. On the way, the procession had to first confront police barricades. The protesters pulled down the first 3 barricades, but there was a prolonged tussle with the police in front of the Tinsukia Civil Hospital for half an hour, almost 200 metres away from Sahu’s residence. Subhas Sen, Arup Mahanta and Ananta Hazarika got minor injuries in this tussle.

A protest meeting was held at the spot where we were stopped, addressed by Subhas Sen, Arup Mahanta, Ananta Hazarika, Jiten Tanti, Brojen Konwar, Sokhila Munda and others. An effigy of Raju Sahu was also burnt there. Some 50 Congress goons approached the demonstration with bricks and lathis, but turned back on seeing the strength of the gathering.

This was followed by a mass meeting at Durgabari Hall presided over by Com. Brojen Konwar and addressed by Shikha Das, Sokhila Munda, Bishnu Tanti,Arup Mahanta, , Raju Vumij, Sunil Tanti and Jiten Tanti.

The meeting unanimously resolved to directly challenge Raju Sahu and other Congress leaders in public places and election meetings.

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