Comrade Dilkeshwar Choudhury

Comrade Dilkeshwar (DK) Choudhury, the oldest member of Bokaro’s district committee, passed away following a long illness on 29th August 2013 at his ancestral village near Aurangabad. He retired some years ago from the Bokaro Steel Plant.

Comrade DK came in contact with the party in 1975. A hard-working comrade, he had a special interest in promoting the study, distribution and maintenance of party literature. He had led a party branch for many years. He had been active in the IPF, and remained active in the AICCTu and Centre of Steel Workers (CSW) all his life. He is survived by his wife, who is a member of the party and AIPWA, a daughter and three sons.

Red Salute to Comrade DK Choudhury!

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