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CPIML Team's Riot Relief Distribution Continues in Delhi!


THE Delhi Government has not yet disbursed the full compensation amount to all riot victims in Delhi. Victims are awaiting justice in vain, as the Delhi police is continuing with its politically communal motivated inquiry and arrests of anti-CAA activists.

On 23 June, continuing with disbursal of rehabilitation funds for Delhi Riot victims collected through mass contributions, a Delhi CPIML team visited Shiv Vihar area to distribute the collected fund to some of the victims. It was good to know that some of those who had received relief from the CPIML earlier, have used those amounts to buy sewing machines and handcarts, towards earning a livelihood.

The government package of compensation fund has not yet reached most of the victims. Relief given by any civil society organisation or party cannot replace government relief, or absolve the government of its responsibilities towards the affected. Secular civil society organisations have been reaching out with relief fund and materials to the best of their abilities. The Delhi government is yet to show its commitment to ensuring relief and rehabilitation to all those affected.

Compensation for riots, disasters, lockdowns are the rights of the citizens. The carnage was largely targeted against the Muslims. But many Hindu families have also suffered. The RSS-BJP and Delhi Police wants to continue with their communal agenda even after the riot. But we must know, communal hatred spares no one. It gets us divided, takes away all our rights and vanquishes the poor and underprivileged the most. CPIML continues to work to unite communities and people, around the demands to

  • Disburse compensation, ensure rehabilitation for all riot victims.
  • Ensure justice, stop biased and politically scripted witch-hunting of Muslims and anti-CAA activists by the Modi regime, book the real perpetrators of riot, including communal provocateurs like Kapil Mishra and others who publicly instigated violence against peaceful anti-CAA activists.

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