Economy Crawls - Communalism Races

WHEN the Government wants you to applaud its undemocratic and communal moves in Kashmir; when it wants you to hate your neighbour because he or she is Muslim; when TV channels tell you the Government is patriotic and anyone who questions the Government is anti-national - ask yourself what is it they do not want you to see?

The answer is clear. Modi’s “Gujarat Model” is exposed. India’s economy is crawling to a standstill. Jobs are destroyed daily. Even the Government’s attempts to suppress data can’t hide this reality. That’s why they hope communalism and hate can distract and divide India’s people. They hope you will believe the lie - that poverty is caused by “overpopulation” not by Modi’s destruction of the economy.     

We need to unite against communalism and hate, unite against Modi’s economic policies, unite against unemployment and poverty.   

In this feature, we carry some snapshots of newspaper headlines which tell their own story.

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