Comrade Amar Lohar!

THE CPI(ML) mourns the loss of its veteran West Bengal leader Comrade Amar Lohar.

Bikrampur village of Onda Block in Bankura district uses to be a centre of  peasants struggle during 80s. Comrade Amar Lohar lived in this village. Since the days of underground party in 1980s to the phase of mass movements later on Comrade Lohar remained equally active.He played a very crucial role in escorting Comrades Vinod Mishra, Kartick Pal and Bholanath Sheet to safety to evade a police raid on a Party meeting at Jorshal village during the underground period. Even in his last years when he was ailing, he would insist on traveling long distances just to participate in Party movements, inspiring comrades much younger than himself.

Red salute to Comrade Amar Lohar!

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