Commemorating 23 March 2019 as the Martyrdom Day of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru
Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru

An India of their dreams, in Bhagat Singh’s words, would mean “the reconstruction of the whole society on the socialist basis”, so as to “end every sort of exploitation and usher humanity into an era of genuine and permanent peace.” (Statement in Lahore High Court) Struggling for such an India means following Bhagat Singh’s ideas . It means rejecting those news media which “spread ignorance, preach and propagate sectarianism and chauvinism, communalise people’s minds leading to the destruction of our composite culture and shared heritage,” it means that India must, instead of “seeing themselves as Hindu, Muslim or Sikh, see themselves first as human beings and then as Indians…(to) ensure a bright future for India,” it means that workers and peasants recognise that it is “in their interest to get rid of discrimination on the grounds of religion, colour, race, nationality and nation, and unite to take power in their own hands,” it means recognising that “religion is a personal matter and none should interfere in it. Nor should religion be introduced in politics because it prevents unity.” (‘Sampradayik Dange Aur Unka Ilaj’, Kirti, June, 1928)

As India approaches elections, the communal fascists (who had betrayed the freedom struggle and who want to divide India today) with the help of their pliant media will do their best to communalise and muddy the debate - Bhagat Singh’s ideas will help us to resist and counter them.

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