Anti-Imperialism Day Observed

ON the anniversary of the August revolution, CPI (ML), AICCTU, All India Kissan Mahasabha and other fronts observed an anti-imperialism day throughout the country.  In Jharkhand, this day was also celebrated as the world ‘Adivasi Day’. Marches were taken out across various states in several districts. The purpose of the marches was to expose the anti-people, anti-national, divisive, destructive, pro-corporate, communal and fascist policies of the Modi-led central government, aimed at forcing India into the stranglehold of imperialism and selling India’s natural resources and sovereignty into the hands of the multinational companies.

In Patna, AICCTU leaders and activists offered tributes at the Shaheed memorial outside the Bihar assembly and a protest meeting was organised in which slogans were raised against American imperialism and the pro-imperialist policies of the Modi government. Other trade union leaders and activists also joined the protest meeting and pledged to ensure the success of the 2 September All India General Strike.

CPI (ML) and AICCTU organized an ‘Adhikar March’ in Ranchi and Bokaro in Jharkhand on the Adivasi Diwas (International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples) which is observed on 9 August. As the politics of both Jharkhand as well as the country remains captured by the corporate houses, the questions of the workers and the masses are at the margins. Addressing the march at the Albert Ekka Chowk in Ranchi, CPI (ML) central committee member Com. Shubhendu Sen stressed on the need for another August revolution against the Company Raj.  Com. Bhuvaneshwar said that celebration of ‘Adivasi Diwas’ by the government which had failed to put an end to the loot of water, forests, land, minerals and other natural resources was a farce. In Bokaro, an Adhikaar march was jointly organized by various trade unions. Besides submitting a charter of demands to the steel plant manager, a call was given to ensure the success of 2 September All India General Strike.

In Koderma, a dharna was organized under the leadership of All India Kisaan Mahasabha to protest against the designs of the state government to snatch the land from the poor in the name of ‘wrong settlements’. A march was also taken out under the leadership of All India Kisan Mahasabha in Ramgarh, in which several hundred people participated, raising the slogans “Corporate-Company Raj Down Down”, “Waive the loan taken by farmers immediately”, etc. The speakers addressing the march said that far from supporting and encouraging farmers, the government was determined to discourage them. Modi’s favourite Gautam Adani was procuring several million quintals of grains from the farmers at the rate of Rs.30/- per kilo and hoarding the same and the Modi government was selling the same grains at Rs. 100/- per kilo. Several farmers were being forced to commit suicide. In the Garhwa district, after years of struggle, tribals of Tiwari Marhatiya village were able to procure their legal rights on the Raiyatti land. Since 3 August 2016, they had sat on an indefinite hunger strike outside the DC office. CPI (ML) activists from Garhwa district committee also joined the hunger strike in support of the tribals. They also demanded that immediate compensation be paid to those whose crops were destroyed and the officers guilty of ensuring the destruction of crops be punished. A mahadharna in support of these demands had earlier been organized on 6 August. After the successful completion of the strike, ‘a vijay juloos’ of the local tribals was also carried out under the leadership of CPI (ML). In Bagodar, a ‘chetaavni’ (warning) march was taken out by those who have been displaced due to the policies of the state government. They also protested against the inadequate compensation.

CPI (ML) activists also organized protests outside DM offices in several places in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and other states against the oppression and persecution of Dalits and minorities by the associates of RSS in the name of ‘cow protection’. In Gorakhpur, several people and Dalit leaders and activists also joined these protests. The speakers warned the local administration that if the provisions of accommodation, ration and work in MNREGA were not ensured for the Dalits, poor and the workers, a gherao of the district office would be done.

9 August also marked the end of the second phase of CPI (ML)’s countrywide campaign- ‘Utho Mere Desh, Naye Bharat ke vaaste, Bhagat Singh-Ambedkar ke raaste’ (Rise my nation- for a new India, in the path of Bhagat Singh and Ambedkar). A huge dharna was organized in Kanpur as a part of this campaign. The speakers talked about the increasing attacks on Dalits and minorities and the anti-people policies of the government. In Lucknow, a dharna was called near the Ambedkar statue in Hazratganj. The meeting was presided over by Com. Kaushal Kishore, state president of Jan Sanskriti Manch (JSM). Addressing the meeting he said today once again slavery was being enforced on us by the Modi government. This slavery, besides being economic, is also social and cultural. However, we are also witnessing an unprecedented resistance. The Dalit upsurge in Gujarat, the resistance from Kashmir to Hyderabad, the coming together of youth and students across states shows that struggle for a new India against the Sangh’s version of nationalism is gaining strength. The participants raised slogans against cow protection vigilante groups, demanding a ban on them. Marches were also taken out in Gazipur, Varanasi, Chandauli, Lakhimpur, Badohi, Sitapur, Mirzapur, Faizabad, Allahabad, Baliya, Mau, Muradabad and other places.

A pratirodh march was organized in Lalkuan in Nainital, Uttarakhand, against false cases filed against protestors in the struggle against making Bindukhatta a municipality. Several hundreds of people including a large number of women joined this march called by Uttarakhand unit of All India Kisan Mahasabha. CPI (ML) state secretary Com. Rajendra Pratholi urged people to rout out the anti-farmer Rawat government.

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