How ABVP Lost the Battle for JNU

The ABVP thought it could destroy the Left in JNU by branding it as anti-national. Instead, the ABVP stands thoroughly isolated and defeated in JNU. Several of its own activists have resigned in protest over its position on the Rohith Vemula issue and JNU.

Three ABVP office bearers of JNU, Pradeep, Joint Secretary, ABVP JNU unit, Rahul Yadav, President SSS ABVP unit and Ankit Hans, Secretary SSS ABVP unit resigned, condemning the Government’s handling of the JNU issue, and stating that there is a difference between asking questions and “crushing ideology and branding entire Left as anti-national.” Their letter declared, “We can’t be mouthpiece of such a government which has unleashed oppression on student community, legislature like O P Sharma, govt. which has legitimized the action of right wing fascist forces either in Patiala house court or in front of JNU north gate. Every day we see people assemble at front gate with Indian Flag to beat JNU students, well this is hooliganism not nationalism…” They also cited “long standing difference of opinion with party on Manusmriti and Rohith Vermula incident.”

Abhilash Goyal who had been a Councillor candidate for ABVP in 2015 resigned, saying a part of his heart belongs in JNU and "when I see questions are being raised on the most democratic, most progressive, liberal, accommodating, diverse, safe and intellectual uplifting space I’ve ever been a part of, it gives me grief from inside." He also spoke up against "gross abuse of the meaning and scope of nationalism as a concept across the country."

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