Commemorating One Year of ComradeTP Chandrashekharan’s Martyrdom

Comrade TP Chandrashekharan, leader of the RMP of Kerala, was brutally hacked to death last year on 4th May, at the behest of CPI(M). One year on, the trial in the murder is ongoing. The RMP organized a series of programmes in Kerala to commemorate the martyrdom and strengthen the struggle for justice.

CPI(ML) Polit Bureau member Kavita Krishnan participated in several of the programmes. She addressed a meeting of school teachers in Comrade TPC’s memory on 27th April, and a mass meeting at Mavur on 29th April.

30th April is Onchiyam martyrs day, commemorating the martyrs of the historic first generation of communist martyrs in Kerala. An impressive rally and mass meeting were held at Onchiyam on the occasion. Thousands of participants were moved to tears as they heard a tape play out Comrade TPC’s speech at Onchiyam Martyrs’ Day last year – the last speech he was to deliver. Comrade TPC’s wife Comrade Rema, Comrade KS Hariharan and Comrade Venu of RMP, Kavita Krishnan of CPI(ML) wewre among those who addressed the gathering.

Subsequently, on 4th May, a bust of Comrade TPC and a memorial for him were inaugurated at Comrade TPC’s house, in an mass meeting in which several thousands participated.

On 14th May, an impressive mass meeting was held at Vadakara on ‘Criminalization of Politics and Indian Democracy’, with leaders of various political parties participating. The meeting was addressed among others by CPI(ML) CCM Comrade Shankar as well as RMP leaders. CPI(ML)’s SLT member Comrade Venu was present at the meeting.

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