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Defeat the Modi Regime's War on Farmers and Democracy

The farmers' movement in India for the repeal of the disastrous farm laws of the Modi government has now entered the fourth month. In these three months the movement has demonstrated limitless creative energy, courage, imagination and resilience. The regime had tried to nip the movement in the bud by blocking their entry into Delhi, but the farmers fought back by occupying the borders and setting up huge protest sites. By stopping farmers from pitching..


Modi's Rajya Sabha Speech: A Rattled Regime Resorts to Lies and Intimidation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 8 February address from the Rajya Sabha platform is a classic textbook example of fascist propaganda. The occasion was the PM's reply to the debate on the motion of thanks on the President's inaugural budget session speech. The President's customary inaugural address was of course all about congratulating the government for all its claimed successes. The PM's reply to the debate is however meant to respond to the points raised by..

Budget 2021: Promotes Company Raj and Betrays the Demands of Economic Revival and People's Survival

The first post-Covid budget of the Modi government makes no attempt to arrest and reverse the dangerous down slide of the economy, and provide immediate relief to the most affected sections of people who have lost jobs and suffered major erosion in income and livelihood. Instead, the budget follows the direction of transferring the burden of the crisis to the people while providing India's big corporations with increasing opportunities for wealth accumulation. The economy needs..


Hindutva Goons Attack Kisan Dharna in Muzaffarpur

CPIML State Secretary Kunal strongly condemned the attack by goons affiliated to Hindutva organizations on farmers sitting on dharna under the AIKSCC banner on 16 February at the Shaheed Khudiram Bose Memorial in Muzaffarpur. He said that these days organizations in Bihar associated with the BJP have become so bold that they indulge in naked goondaism. If the Bihar government has even a shred of respect for democratic processes all the attackers must be arrested..



CPIML condemns the February 1 military coup in Myanmar, the detention of Aung San Suu Kyi and other leaders of the NLD which swept the elections last year, and the fatal firings on protesting people. In 2015, openly contested elections were first held in Myanmar after 25 years of military rule. Between 2015 and 2021, the military never relinquished control to the civilian government headed by Suu Kyi. The CPIML has been critical of the..


Justice PB Sawant

Retired Supreme Court judge, Justice PB Sawant passed away at the age of 91on 16 February 2021. At a time when the judiciary in India, especially the Supreme Court, is passing through a crisis of credibility, Justice Sawant’s legacy must be cherished even more. Inspired by Ambedkar and Phule, Justice Sawant was hailed as the “Satyashodhak judge”. He was an advisor to the Peasant and Workers Party (PWP) of Maharashtra and closely associated with the..

Professor DN Jha

Professor DN Jha passed away on February 4, 2021. He was a fearless colossus of a historian, who refused to be quiet on historical facts (such as evidence of beef-eating in the Vedas) even in the face of death threats by Hindu supremacists. In an introduction to his book The Myth of the Holy Cow, he wrote that an Indian publisher developed cold feet on the eve of publication. “Shortly afterwards, I began to get..


Chakka Jam Across Bihar

A statewide chakka jam was held across Bihar on 18 February 2021 in respinse to the call given by AIKSCC for a countrywide chakka jam in support of the ongoing farmers' struggle. The demands made through the chakka jam are: repeal of the 3 farm laws, withdrawal of Electricity Bill 2020, guarantee of MSP and arrest of RSS-Bajrang Dal members who attacked farmers sitting on dharna at Muzaffarpur. At Ara in Bhojpur hundreds of activists..


Public Libraries in Bihar

(Text of a letter by Bihar MLAs calling attention of the Bihar Assembly to the state of public libraries in the state, followed by a letter to one of the MLAs, Comrade Sudama Prasad, by a student, responding to his calling-attention motion.) To The Secretary Bihar Vidhan Sabha, Patna I hereby give notice for a calling attention motion under the Bihar Vidhan Sabha procedure and rule No. 104 in the conduct of proceedings manual. Sincerely..


International Women's Day 2021 : The Historic Farmers Movement And IWD 2021

Last year the International Women's Day was observed in India at the crest of the equal citizenship movement, with numerous Shaheen Baghs across the country emerging as a novel, electrifying form of protest. Today as we approach the 8th of March, we are witnessing, and participating in, a vastly expanded, much more colourful and powerful re-emergence of the Shaheen Bagh spirit on the borders of the national capital - - the Kishan Shaheen Baghs, so..

Cover Feature

Sedition Law To Suppress Dissent

The Article-14 portal maintains a database on the sedition law for the last decade. Its analysis of the data is revealing. It found: 65% of nearly 11,000 individuals in 816 sedition cases since 2010 were implicated after 2014 when Modi took office. Among those charged with sedition: opposition politicians, students, journalists, authors and academics. 96% of sedition cases filed against 405 Indians for criticising politicians and governments over the last decade were registered after 2014..

Why No Action Against Hindu-Supremacist Toolkits and Organised Violence?

The Newslaundry portal did an investigative story on a “Hindu Ecosystem” group on Telegram formed on November 16 2020 by BJP leader Kapil Mishra, notorious for inciting the February 2020 Delhi violence with his hate-speech, including calls to “shoot the traitors” (“traitors” being code for Muslims and anti-CAA protestors). Two journalists infiltrated the group and studied how it worked. They gathered proof that the group systematically prepared and disseminated materials inciting hatred against Muslim, Christian..

Protests and Protest Toolkits Are Essential To Democracies

What Is A Toolkit? A protest “toolkit” is a set of materials a) explaining the key issue succinctly and addressing doubts and misinformation; b) suggesting what an individual person can do to support the cause; c) suggesting reading materials; d) offering drafts for letters to authorities asking them to support the cause or heed the demands of the protest; e) suggesting hashtags and so on for social media campaigns. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests..

In Modi Regime: Protest Toolkit Is Sedition, But Hate Toolkit Is Not

The arrest of Disha Ravi, a 21-year-old activist working for environmental and social justice, is evidence that the Modi regime has all but thrown away democratic pretences and has openly embraced authoritarianism. Disha and other young women are the victims of a Delhi Police witch-hunt because they sought to mobilise domestic and international opinion in favour of India’s farmers protesting Modi’s three pro-corporate farm laws. The farmers movements – as one of the world’s largest..


The Priya Ramani Verdict Vindicates Sexual Harassment Survivors

(This article first appeared in the Indian Express on February 20, 2021 under the title ‘The right to her testimony’) It was a relief to see Priya Ramani, a victim of sexual harassment, acquitted of the charge of defamation laid on her by former editor and BJP leader M J Akbar in a brazen attempt to silence women’s testimonies of being molested by him. But the acquittal verdict, achieved by the courageous testimonies of Ramani..



Comrade Atul Sati, CPIML State Committee member and leader of sustained agitations in the Chamoli region against a disastrous “development” model, was among the first to report from ground zero of the latest disaster. Below is his first anguished report. Fact Finding Report Atul Sati Between 9 am and 10 am on 7 February 2021 a glacier with debris rolled down to Raini village situated 20 km from Joshimath at the confluence of Dhauli and..



On February 19, the Ministry of Culture in the Modi regime, tweeted from its official handle: “Remembering a great thinker, scholar, and remarkable leader #MSGolwalkar on his birth anniversary. His thoughts will remain a source of inspiration & continue to guide generations.” It is true that Modi and his Cabinet and party are guided by RSS founding father Golwalkar’s ideas alone. But those ideas are neither scholarly nor inspiring – they are Hindu-supremacist, bigoted, fascist..