7 September 2021

India is witnessing the most severe fascist threat to democracy, livelihood and survival, and the Constitution since Independence. This threat is marked by a devastated economy, a massive unemployment crisis, broken public education and health systems, the fire-sale of precious public assets, corporate plunder, on the one hand, and daily mob attacks on Muslims, assaults on the rights of women, oppressed castes, and adivasis, spying on Opposition leaders, judges and journalists and incarceration of activists through planted evidence and draconian laws on the other.
Mounting a challenge to the fascist forces however are movements of farmers, workers, Dalits and adivasis, women, students and youth. The foremost task for the Left in India is to strengthen these movements, and towards this task, the leaders of the Lal Nishan Party and the CPIML Liberation met at Shramik, Pune. Present at the meeting were CPIML General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya, LNP General Secretary Bhimrao Bansod and President Subhash Kakushte, CPIML politburo members Prabhat Kumar and Kavita Krishnan, Com. Uday Bhat, Com. Vijay Kulkarni, Com. Atul Dighe, Com. Rajendra Bawake, Com. Medha Thatte, Com. Vikas Alwani, Com Jeevan Surude and Com. Palekar. Members from CPI ML  Com. Shyam Gohil and Com. Ajit Patil from the state also participated.
The leaders of both parties resolved to work in close cooperation for the success of ongoing people’s movements in Maharashtra and all over India, for a powerful Left assertion and growing cooperation with wide-ranging democratic forces for a powerful anti fascist resistance.
LNP and CPIML extended full support to the 27 September Bharat Bandh called by the farmers’ movement and resolved to campaign among the people for the success of the Bandh.

Bhimrao Bansod, GS, Lal Nishan Party
Dipankar Bhattacharya, GS, CPIML Liberation