Professor DN Jha


Professor DN Jha passed away on February 4, 2021. He was a fearless colossus of a historian, who refused to be quiet on historical facts (such as evidence of beef-eating in the Vedas) even in the face of death threats by Hindu supremacists.

DIEGO MARADONA (1960-2020)

With Maradona’s death, a generation of football players from South America is slowly passing us by: a generation which includes greats like Garrincha, Zico and Socrates and Pele. This was a group of individuals who played the joga bonito (the beautiful game) the way they learnt it as kids in the slums of Rio, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. Their style not dictated by computer simulations and big data, they played football based on their instincts. This is what marked them out as great players. They saw an opening where no one else did, as if they had eyes at the back of their heads.

Comrade Tridib Ghosh

Veteran human rights campaigner from Jharkhand, Comrade Tridib Ghosh, fell to Covid-19 in Ranchi on 15 December. In the 1980s and 1990s Ghosh da was a popular leader of Indian People's Front and CPIML in the Ranchi-Hazaribagh region.

He is survived by his wife Prof Malanch Ghosh and his son.

We will always remember his outrage against police atrocities and oppression of adivasis and his warmth and affection for comrades. Red Salute, Ghosh da!

Red Salute to Soumitra Chatterjee!

Paying tribute to the legendary actor of Bengali theatre and cinema Soumitra Chatterjee, CPIML general secretary Comrade Dipankar wrote, “Adieu, Soumitra Chatterjee! For decades you strode like a colossus on the cultural canvas of West Bengal, and now you won't be around when West Bengal is fighting the biggest battle ever to save its cultural soul and social ethos. Your legacy will inspire us to win this battle.”

Red Salute to Comrade Dhananjay!

CPIML expresses its deep condolences at the sudden and untimely demise of senior journalist Kumar Dhananjay on 21 November 2020.

Kumar Dhananjay worked as a journalist for the last two decades, first with Aaj Tak and in the last few years with various independent media outlets. Throughout his career as a journalist he remained committed to democratic values and just causes.   

Aloke Ranjan Dasgupta

Poet, essayist and translator Aloke Ranjan Dasgupta passed away on 17 November. He authored 20 books of poetry and translated Bengali and Santhal poetry and plays into English and German, and also translated literature from German and French into Bengali.

In tribute to Aloke Ranjan Dasgupta, we reproduce one of his poems in translation.

Comrade Vishwanath Soren

Comrade Vishwanath Soren passed away on 14 October early in the morning. He was 55. He succumbed to a brain haemorrhage in Bangur hospital, Kolkata. Comrade Vishwanath was a founding leader of the Adivasi Adhikar Aur Adhikar Manch in Hooghly district, and a fighting leader of the adivasi movement. He was a member of the party’s Polba Dhanekhali area committee.

Red Salute to Comrade Vishwanath Soren!

Comrade Prabir Bal

Noted cultural activist of the Pashchimbanga Gana Sangskriti Parishad, Prabir Bal passed away on 2 October. He had been a people’s movement singer, song writer and composer since the early 1970s. He formed the Poober Awaz team, and issued a cassette ‘Ami Manush’ in 1995. Jan Sanskriti Manch and CPIML activists in Kolkata paid him tributes in a condolence meeting held in his memory.

Red Salute to Comrade Prabir Bal!