Condemn Sedition Charges Against Assam Intellectuals and Activists

10 January 2019

THE CPI(ML) condemns in the strongest terms the Assam police’s move to book eminent public intellectual Hiren Gohain, Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti leader Akhil Gogoi and journalist Manjit Mahanta on charges of sedition for opposing the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

The Bill, which has just been passed by the Lok Sabha, is a direct attack on India’s Constitution and is a blatant attempt by the Modi Government in its final months to move India towards a Hindu Rashtra. The Bill is facing fierce protests in the states of the North East and especially Assam where it clearly violates the terms of the Assam accord. The BJP, which has single-handedly lighted this fire, is now seeking to blame the flames on the people of Assam and crackdown on the freedom of speech and expression.

The Citizenship Amendment Bill and the repressive crackdown on Assam’s activists and intellectuals protesting the Bill is a recipe for disaster. The CPI(ML) demands immediate withdrawal of the Citizenship Amendment Bill and of the sedition charges against Hiren Gohain and others. The CPI(ML) calls on India’s people to reject and resist the Bill and to defend India’s Constitution.

Central Committee