Madhurima Bakshi

Amphan Relief Campaign: Let's Rebuild Bengal

CYCLONE Amphan, one of the deadliest storms over the Bay of Bengal struck hard on June 20 and devastated southern districts of West Bengal including South and North 24 Parganas, Kolkata, Howrah, Hooghly along with parts of Orissa. The wreckage due to severe wind flow and rain fall took a heavy toll on lives, property, houses and trees. Amidst Corona outbreak, this ravage has rendered thousands homeless, destroyed crops, agricultural fields and fisheries, broke buildings and embankments, hit electricity and water supply.

CPIML Team Reaches Out To Soldiers' Families and Persecuted Kashmiris

“WE do not want war. Many wives like me will lose their husbands in war. Many daughters like mine will also lose their fathers. I want the guilty to be punished. The Govt. must ensure safety and security to those who are fighting for the country”, said Mita Santra, the wife of Bablu Santra when a CPI(ML) team from Howrah district committee visited the family near Bauria, Howrah.

Baba, My Comrade!

-- Madhurima Bakshi, AISA activist and Comrade DP Bakshi’s daughter

When I was born, Baba was in a remote place in Assam. He came to see me after around 10 days. It wasone of the few stories I heard frequently about my childhood.